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Michael Jost – He’s the Most!

Venice Beachhead | May 2014 | By Suzy Williams

Above: Matt Demerit and Michael Jost. Photo: Margaret Molloy
Above: Matt Demerit and Michael Jost
Photo: Margaret Molloy
Have you ever read a review of something in the arts and just wish they could come right out and write whether the artist was great or not? Well, I’d like to try that tack, which is to state the fact that our own Venice-based classical guitarist is a phenomenon – a master, a virtuoso, an exquisite performer. Michael Jost (pronounced like “Yo,” man!) – who has lived on Ocean Front Walk for twenty years, is a respected star in Europe. However, you know the old story: sometimes people take for granted high-end talents like Jost in the States. A prophet without honor and all that.
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The Super Cosmic Sounds of Michael Jost

The Best Guitarist You Don’t Yet Know About Overlooking the carnival-like atmosphere of the world famous Venice Beach Boardwalk in Venice, California, Michael Jost spends much of his time in his studio, working on perfecting the sounds of his unique, original and passionate guitar music.

“I grew up in Germany, where I learned classical guitar,” Michael explains, “In Germany, precision is very much encouraged. I learned how to be a technically proficient player in Germany.” He motions out the window to the crowd-filled boardwalk below. “Living here in Venice Beach allows me to take my music to a higher level.”
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Musician Michael Jost finds inspiration in eclectic Venice

The Argonaut | August 2007 | by Betsy Goldman

Looking out of his third-floor window with a spectacular view of the ocean, Michael Jost thrives on the sights and sounds of the Venice Boardwalk. His apartment, part music studio, has been home since 1993.

Originally from Germany, Jost visited here on vacation and was so excited by what he saw that he decided to move here “for up to year” a year later, to seek a challenge in his music career. He couldn’t leave.

“I came to the beach and saw this was everything I always wanted,” he says. “It’s multicultural — people from all over the world. It seems that if they don’t fit anywhere else, they end up in Venice. I was inspired by this.”

It wasn’t hard for Michael to find a challenge.

“I came to Los Angeles to find out that there are many musicians,” he says. “They aren’t necessarily all so good. It was a challenge because there are so many of them.”
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Guitar Player Magazine

This is a fabulous celebration of acoustic and electric tones, arrangement shifts, and cagey signal processing- all lightly kissed with elements of flamenco, world beat, rock, blues, psychedelia, folk, and jazz. Its marvelous, almost textbook music production, but Jost has the chops to make this party all about guitar.