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LA Talk Radio: All About Guitar with Jeff Floro

Michael Jost is my guest on All About Guitar. Hailing from Germany, Michael lives in Venice Beach and his European heritage, rigorous classical training, and his 21st Century American experience have molded him into a rather unique artist and musician. We take a look at his work on his albums, “Zeitlos” and “California Burning.” We also get a sneak peak at his upcoming album, “Concierto!” We talk to Michael also about his guitars, including “Miss Lucy,” a Flamenca guitar made by Tomas Delgado of Candelas Guitars. And we talk about his weekly internet radio program, Radio Venice, on every Sunday, live from Venice Beach! It’s a night of some great tone, killer technique, and some very exciting music!

In the Venice Paparazzi spotlight: Michael Jost

Today the Venice Paparazzi “Pass the Spotlight” shines on Michael Jost, a 24 year Venice resident, mainstay on the local music scene, and founder of Radio Venice.

Pass the Spotlight is a transferable interview that is passed from person to person in the Venice community. Whoever is completing the interview gets to choose who the goes next. The purpose is to shine a light on all the positive things being done by the fantastic folks in our town!  Maybe you will be next!

Tell us about your business or art! How you got into it, and why it is awesome.  Music, music, music….always loved it…always have been drawn to it… It is awesome because it brings people from all different cultural backgrounds to communicate & learn about & from each other.  Everybody understands the language of music! Venice as a multicultural place is perfect to meet & make music with people from all over the world.

What projects are you working on now, and what are your goals for the future?  

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LA Talk Radio: Accent On! with Ilona Europa

Accent On!, is a European-style show hosted by unmistakably accented personalities Ilona Europa; singer/songwriter, VOX, Inc. talent agent and Billboard Dance Traxx charting diva hailing from Poland. The weekly Monday show places an Accent On success stories of people with accents in the U.S., engages unusual guests around what’s hot and what’s not in music, art, fashion, food, life reinvention plus shares news and helps support!

MICHAEL JOST appears alongside RENAT GABITOV – Entrepreneur, Innovator, Superhero, and explorer originally from Russia, and JEREMIAH HIGGINS – man of many talents, also the host of his own radio show called The Jeremiah Show, and his restaurant advising website.

Watch Michael on Accent On! here »

ZEITLOS…timeless audacity…

Open Venice | January 2015 | Westminster Arts Club

When I first agreed to help produce the rollout for guitarist, Michael Jost’s, new album, ZEITLOS, it was scheduled for July 2014 in Venice. We had set the date, booked the venue, created the press releases, and I was furiously working on a documentary in Oklahoma when I got the call that he wanted to wait. It wasn’t quite “there” yet, he said.

Well, of course, the producer in me was like, “What!?”, which was quickly tempered by the artist in me that chastised the piece of my left brain that was barking inside my head about the change. It gently reminded me, something that needs constant reiterating…”great art, takes time”. And, in crafting ZEITLOS, taking the right amount of time has lead to an exquisite album, laced with a sense of traveling through landscapes of both subtle and mythic proportions.

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Michael Jost – He’s the Most!

Venice Beachhead | May 2014 | By Suzy Williams

Above: Matt Demerit and Michael Jost. Photo: Margaret Molloy
Above: Matt Demerit and Michael Jost
Photo: Margaret Molloy
Have you ever read a review of something in the arts and just wish they could come right out and write whether the artist was great or not? Well, I’d like to try that tack, which is to state the fact that our own Venice-based classical guitarist is a phenomenon – a master, a virtuoso, an exquisite performer. Michael Jost (pronounced like “Yo,” man!) – who has lived on Ocean Front Walk for twenty years, is a respected star in Europe. However, you know the old story: sometimes people take for granted high-end talents like Jost in the States. A prophet without honor and all that.
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Musician Michael Jost finds inspiration in eclectic Venice

The Argonaut | August 2007 | by Betsy Goldman

Looking out of his third-floor window with a spectacular view of the ocean, Michael Jost thrives on the sights and sounds of the Venice Boardwalk. His apartment, part music studio, has been home since 1993.

Originally from Germany, Jost visited here on vacation and was so excited by what he saw that he decided to move here “for up to year” a year later, to seek a challenge in his music career. He couldn’t leave.

“I came to the beach and saw this was everything I always wanted,” he says. “It’s multicultural — people from all over the world. It seems that if they don’t fit anywhere else, they end up in Venice. I was inspired by this.”

It wasn’t hard for Michael to find a challenge.

“I came to Los Angeles to find out that there are many musicians,” he says. “They aren’t necessarily all so good. It was a challenge because there are so many of them.”
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Guitar Player Magazine

This is a fabulous celebration of acoustic and electric tones, arrangement shifts, and cagey signal processing- all lightly kissed with elements of flamenco, world beat, rock, blues, psychedelia, folk, and jazz. Its marvelous, almost textbook music production, but Jost has the chops to make this party all about guitar.