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The Luthier

A video produced by Isaac Rodriguez about Tomas Delgado and his wonderful guitars … I am proud that Precious and I have a little part in it …

ZEITLOS Album Release Concert

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Friday, January 30, 2015; 7:30 PM
ZEITLOS, the latest album by legendary Venice Beach guitarist, Michael Jost, is due for release March 2015. A special event to finalize financing for the release is being held at the Electric Lodge with a line up of special guests; exclusive previews of the album, and accompanying music videos produced by Koncept Films.

With ZEITLOS, which translates from the German to mean “timeless”, Michael Jost has created a litany of tracks that take you on an delectable, audible journey. Influenced by his classical roots, the eclectic environment of Venice Beach, and the resurgence of analog recordings, Michael has crafted an album exquisite in its complexity. The title track, ZEITLOS, was recorded on one of his vintage guitars, a 1958 Goya. The album resonates, as well, with the gorgeous tones of handcrafted classical flamenco guitars created by Tomas Delgado of Candelas Guitars. These carefully crafted and chosen instruments serve to highlight Michael’s dedication to the purity and preservation of his craft.

Original cover art for the album is being designed and painted by local artist, Brian Mylius. His original art will be on display the evening of the event.


Electric Lodge


Doors Open 7:30 PM, Tickets $15


(818) 824-6652


ZEITLOS Album Finishing Funds

ZEITLOS, (“timeless”); personifies the music that emanates from legendary guitarist, Michael Jost.

Short Summary

“Hi, my name is Michael Jost, and I have created an album titled, ZEITLOS”.  These simple words in the video interview about this lovely new album do little to explain the depth of feeling that I have about this latest recording.  During travels between Europe and my home base of Venice Beach, CA, I have studied a variety of music and all it’s complexities, and am returning my sound to one that can only be honestly portrayed on vinyl.  Keeping true to the value of the beautiful, classical and vintage guitars that I have collected, I am dedicating my work to re-instate vinyl to it’s proper place in the world of music.  Like Neil Young, David Grohl, and countless others, I sincerely believe that analog recordings are the truest form of musical expression.  In pressing ZEITLOS to vinyl you will be helping me, and my friends; artist, Brian Mylius, and filmmaker, Karen Criswell, create a timeless piece of music that is, also, an exquisite work of art.
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Westminster Arts Club Live: Volume One

We are excited to release our first EP of live performances from Westminster Arts Club shows …released by Breakwater Records here it is. With stellar Performances by Suzy Williams, Michael Jost, Milo Gonzalez & Matthew DeMerritt … Thanks for supporting independent music … see you Friday November 7 @ Beyond Baroque … for WESTMINSTER ARTS CLUB IX.


album-wac-volume1November 2014
Live Performances from Westminster Arts Club Shows
@ Beyond Baroque in Venice, California from 2013 & 2014
Volume One released by Breakwater Records
Michael Jost: guitar
Suzy Williams: vocals
Milo Gonzalez: sitar
Matty D.: melodica
Buy the digital album for $5 or more on bandcamp …

The Super Cosmic Sounds of Michael Jost

The Best Guitarist You Don’t Yet Know About Overlooking the carnival-like atmosphere of the world famous Venice Beach Boardwalk in Venice, California, Michael Jost spends much of his time in his studio, working on perfecting the sounds of his unique, original and passionate guitar music.

“I grew up in Germany, where I learned classical guitar,” Michael explains, “In Germany, precision is very much encouraged. I learned how to be a technically proficient player in Germany.” He motions out the window to the crowd-filled boardwalk below. “Living here in Venice Beach allows me to take my music to a higher level.”
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Guitar Player Magazine

This is a fabulous celebration of acoustic and electric tones, arrangement shifts, and cagey signal processing- all lightly kissed with elements of flamenco, world beat, rock, blues, psychedelia, folk, and jazz. Its marvelous, almost textbook music production, but Jost has the chops to make this party all about guitar.