ZEITLOS…timeless audacity…

Open Venice | January 2015 | Westminster Arts Club

When I first agreed to help produce the rollout for guitarist, Michael Jost’s, new album, ZEITLOS, it was scheduled for July 2014 in Venice. We had set the date, booked the venue, created the press releases, and I was furiously working on a documentary in Oklahoma when I got the call that he wanted to wait. It wasn’t quite “there” yet, he said.

Well, of course, the producer in me was like, “What!?”, which was quickly tempered by the artist in me that chastised the piece of my left brain that was barking inside my head about the change. It gently reminded me, something that needs constant reiterating…”great art, takes time”. And, in crafting ZEITLOS, taking the right amount of time has lead to an exquisite album, laced with a sense of traveling through landscapes of both subtle and mythic proportions.

When I first listened to the CD in my car, I truly felt like I was taking a delectable, audible journey that shaped those first few days when I couldn’t get enough…enough of the vibrancy, the soulfulness, and the magic, and it begs me to return time and time, again, when I need a break from the rest of my world. Michael truly has delivered an exquisite gift to the world of music, sprinkled with all the elements of his life in Europe, on Venice Beach, and wherever travels may take him. All of that exploration is wrapped up and shared with the listener in one compact, (soon to be vinyl) package. Truly amazing!

I often say to my friends in the Valley that going to Venice is like getting a creative shot in the arm. Listening to Michael’s new album, ZEITLOS, is like getting a musical jolt to the heart. It is truly a timeless piece of sonic art!!!

If you want to hear what he has been creating, come join us on 1/30/15 at Electric Lodge @ 7:30 PM for an incredible evening of ZEITLOS music; featuring Michael and special guest, Venice Beach singer/songwriter, Suzy Williams. It will be an evening unparalleled at any other venue in town.

Tickets available at www.konceptualart.com/events

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