ZEITLOS streaming preview

Here is a ZEITLOS streaming preview, available from today until the digital release on iTunes & Amazon.com on Wednesday April 15th, which is also the day when this record will be available for sale the first time at the show @ Witzend Live!

I took great effort in the sonic qualities of this record … the composition, the performance & the instruments … soon also to be available on Vinyl.

Contributors to the indie gogo campaign will get a CD in the mail soon, plus a code for high resolution download to bridge the time until the Vinyl will arrive … Sorry for the long wait, but due to the high demand, the turnaround on pressing Vinyl these days is pretty long …

Check it out … forward it to your friends if you feel like it … if possible listen on good speakers or headphones to get the full sound quality … I am very proud of it & would love it if you give it a ride … this link will only work until April 15 … Free HD Streaming for a few days … If you are in the area please come to the show on Wednesday & pick up your copy of ZEITLOS … a very good sounding Venue … I’ll play my heart out … can’t wait …

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